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State Misconduct Did Not Cross Line 2014-2-25

Criminals face longer wait for citizenship 2014-2-24

Israel's Insult Law: Affront to Free Speech? 2014-3-16

Court Upholds Drunk Driving Law 2012-11-5

Zero alcohol for young drivers 2010-7-25

Suspensions cut for impaired drivers 2010-5-21

Penalties Upped for 'Warn Range' Blows 2009-4-10

New law targets drugged drivers 2008-06-29

Defences narrowed for drunk drivers 2008-06-01

Repeat drunk drivers may forfeit car 2008-02-24

Drunk drivers face U.S. visa hurdles 2007-12-09

Stunt Drivers, Racers Face Impoundment 2007-10-07

Glove-box Joint Could Spell Driving Ban 2006-12-30

Ontario Ups Ante for Impaired Boaters 2006-7-3

Lawyers Must Report Charges 2005-12-25

Ottawa targets drugged drivers 2004-11-02

Supreme Court upholds spanking 2004-01-31

Youth Criminal Justice Act takes effect 2003-04-01

Juryman's cough leads to mistrial 2002-09-09

Ignition lock awaits Ontario drunk drivers 2003-1-1

DNA data bank goes on stream 2000-07-27

McSorley found guilty of assault with weapon 2000-10-07

New law makes parents liable for kids' crimes 2000-08-16

Tax-deductible fines 1999-11-25

Court considers paralegals 1999-08-28

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